Back Office Solutions: Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle

Monthly Performance Reports

We provide monthly practice reports that summarize and detail your charges, earnings, outstanding A/R, payments by insurance carrier, procedure analysis, monthly and yearly comparison reports, and breakout provider performance reports. You will receive a succinct highlight of the most important information that you need to know each month, as well as a copy of detailed practice analysis for your files. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and wealth of data that we track: if you need any piece of information, we will be able to provide it.

Medical Billing Reports given to Physicians

Quick, Accurate Claim Submission

We will work with your practice to establish the most efficient and HIPAA-compliant way of transferring data from your office to ours. Once we receive your fee slips, our highly-qualified and knowledgeable staff will enter the charges with an attention to detail, code edits, and insurance-specific guidelines. After the charges have been entered, our practice management system scrubs the claims for any stray errors, and then over 90% of our claims are sent electronically to the insurance carriers, via secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The accuracy and speed with which we enter your charges and file your claims ensures fast and consistent reimbursement.

Back Office Solutions for your medical billing needs

Aggressive Claim Follow-up

Our goal at Healthcare Data Management, Inc. is to stop your revenue leakage. If a claim is rejected or denied, our staff is trained to appeal insurance carrier decisions diligently and relentlessly until you receive the payment you deserve. Our sophisticated denial-management system allows us to track all claims with a mindful eye for timely receipt of insurance payment. By partnering with our service we guarantee a decrease in your practice’s overdue claims and outstanding A/R.


Patient Statements & Toll-Free Patient Customer Service

When a patient owes a balance, we will send a comprehensive patient statement that clearly explains the patient responsibility and the payment options available. We understand that the statement is one of the largest ways we interact with the patients, and we take that responsibility seriously by carefully reviewing patient statements before they go in the mail, and then providing exceptional customer service for all patient questions and concerns once the statements are received.

Patient Statement with Billing Customer Service Phone

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