• How do you charge for medical billing services?

    Our fees are based on a percentage of payments collected monthly and are all-inclusive. There are no hidden charges.

  • Can you really save me money?

    Absolutely. We’ve been able to increase collections for most practices anywhere from 10% to 20%. This collection increase alone covers the entire cost of our service. Meanwhile, you will also be saving money on all of the other in-house billing-related expenses that you may currently be incurring: employee salaries, telephone bills, and all of the time and expense associated with maintaining practice management software that meets the needs of rapidly changing healthcare industry.

  • Are you HIPAA compliant?

    Yes, indeed. We comply with HIPAA privacy and security regulations. Healthcare Data Management, Inc.’s HIPAA compliancy manual is available upon request to our clients.

  • Where do the checks go?

    Insurance and patient payments are always sent directly to your practice, never to us. Be wary of billing companies that demand that the payments come to them. All that we need is a copy of the insurance EOB to properly credit the account.

  • How would I submit my information to you?

    We can service your practice no matter where you are in the United States because we have a fully secure web-based software that enables our office and our clients to scan, store, search, and share paper and electronic documents. This enables your data to be accessible to your office and ours at all times, with a triple data backup and full security. All that you need is a scanner! If you are not familiar with electronic data sharing, fear not: we will guide you through the very simple steps that will turn your paper piles into secure, backed-up data files.

  • I’ve seen medical billing software for sale. Why shouldn’t I do my own billing?

    The answer to this question depends on the specific needs of your practice. In some cases, it does make more sense to do some or all of the billing in-house. That’s why we carefully evaluate your needs and advise you accordingly. We will not try to sell you something you don’t need. At the same time, our staff are experienced and trained for medical billing, we are dedicated to staying current on all healthcare policy changes, including code edits and updates. Our experience and knowledge-base is a valuable asset that not only practices have in-house.

  • Whom does the patient call with a billing question?

    The patient calls our toll free number, which is always answered by a friendly, knowledgeable account representative. Questions are answered courteously and all efforts are made to expedite a settlement.

  • Are you a collection agency?

    No, Healthcare Data Management, Inc. focuses strictly on billing and follow-up. However, we pursue delinquent insurance claims aggressively and continue to work them until payment is received. Our procedure is to send three statements to patients. At that point, it’s up to you to decide how to pursue collecting the balance due. As a service to you, our software is capable of integrating with your current collection agency to ensure data accuracy.

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