Front Office Solutions: Integrated with Our Billing Services

Patient Scheduling

Patient Scheduler Sample

We can provide your office access to a state-of-the-art patient scheduler that connects directly to our practice management system. This means that your front office and our billing office will have live access to patient co-pays and balances, demographics and insurance information. Our easy-to-use patient scheduler provides an efficient way for your staff to schedule, maintain, and track patient appointments and arrivals, front-desk collections, and any desired notes and patient reminders.

Online Patient Payment PortalPatient Statement - Pay Your Bill Online

We offer an online patient payment portal that can help you increase your patients’ satisfaction, as well as the speed and reliability with which they pay their bills! We can provide your office a unique online link that patients will use to make payments at their convenience – anywhere and anytime they have access to the internet. Your patients will also be able to login to view their current balances, update their billing information, and even contact our billing office for customer service concerns. As usual, all payments will still go directly into your bank account. We simply provide an easy, convenient option for your patients to pay their bills.

Instant Eligibility Checks

Instant Eligibility Response

We can provide your office with a solution for checking a patient’s insurance eligibility on the spot – verifying benefits and potential cost-share before the patient even reaches the exam room. To maximize efficiency, we can integrate the scheduler so that our system automatically checks the next day’s appointments overnight – so the results are all ready for your front desk to review in the morning.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Using the data that already exists in our scheduler, we have partnered with an auto-dial service that can call, text, or e-mail your patients (whichever the patient prefers, and in whichever language they prefer) to confirm the upcoming appointment. You can then log into the scheduler to see which patients were contacted, who confirmed, who cancelled, who received a voicemail, et cetera. You are also able to decide what you would like your personalized message to say, and how far in advance you would like the reminder to be made. The service is fully integrated with our patient scheduler, making this option readily accessible to your practice.

Auto Dialer - Patient Appointment Reminders

Personalized Superbills

By connection to our software, we will help you design a fee slip/encounter form that meets the specific needs of your practice, and automatically populates with pertinent patient information. Additionally, your staff will have the ability to print superbills on demand or in advance directly from the patient scheduler.

Customized Physician Superbill - Sample from HDM


Remote Access

We give you the ability to connect directly to our software and server from your own computer system, enabling you and your staff to view real-time data anytime. We assure a reliable, secure connection so that your office will have faithful access to the scheduler, fee slips, past due balances, demographics, and all other on-the-spot front office needs.

Office Workflow

Front Office Solutions for your medical billing needs

Healthcare Data Management, Inc. is committed to reducing our clients’ revenue leakage. Too much money slips through the cracks before your insurance claims even get out the door! Whether you use our billing services, or choose to do in-house billing, we can evaluate the work flow of your medical office and help you become more efficient.

If your primary goal is to spend as much quality time as possible with your patients while still increasing your bottom line, it is imperative that you consider where you may be losing time and money through inefficient office practices. How are you scheduling patients? Is your scheduler integrated with your billing system? How do you handle patient wait-lists? Are your encounter forms custom-designed to reflect the most useful CPT’s and ICD-9 codes that your practices uses? Do you have an electronic system for managing your documents? Do you have automated appointment reminders and an online patient payment portal? We are able to help you assess your office’s strengths and weaknesses, and discuss available solutions for minimizing wasted time, paper, and money. Call us today to discuss how we can make your practice run more smoothly.

Insurance Card Scanner

Instead of making a paper photocopy of a patient’s insurance card to bury in their chart for future reference, we now offer you the ability to scan the insurance card so that the image is conveniently linked to the patient’s account in our scheduler. The only hardware you will need to make this possible is an appropriate insurance scanner. From there, our software is already ready to connect to the scanner, upload the image, and make it available for your view at the simple click of a button from the patient’s account. No more searching charts or files!

Patient Scheduler with Integrated Insurance Card Scanning

Integrate With The Latest Technology

Our practice management system is fully capable of integrating with any of the latest trends in healthcare technology. Our goal is to help you constantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of all administrative functions. Tell us your need, we’ll offer a solution.

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